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Nami Mun


Nami Mun is the author of Miles from Nowhere, which received a Whiting Award, a Pushcart Prize, a Hopwood Award, the Chicago Public Library’s 21st Century Award, and was shortlisted for the Orange Prize for New Writers and the Asian American Literary Award. Miles from Nowhere went on to become a national bestseller. Her work can be found or is forthcoming in in The New York Times, Granta, Tin House, The Yale Review, The Iowa Review, the Pushcart Prize Anthology, and Tales of Two Americas: Stories of Inequality in a Divided Nation, among others. She currently teaches creative writing at Northwestern University.


Because I teach full time, as well as work full time on my own writing, I can only accept a handful of students and manuscripts during the academic year. I work only with novels and short stories, and I offer students what has been described as a “gentle vivisection” of their work. I also have a very particular way of reading works-in-progress, conferencing, and providing written feedback. So if you’re interested, please email for detailed information. Also, there are plenty of talented people who charge far less than I do, so please make sure to research other options.

Short Story Consultation

I can only accept a handful of manuscripts per year for short story consults. This single-session would be ideal for student-writers who are able to finish a rough draft on their own but could use a no-nonsense deadline and the deep-diving eyes of a meticulous reader and educator.

Fee: $200/hour. (A typical short story of 5000 words will end up being approximately $800.)

Novel Manuscript Consultation

I can only accept two (maybe three novels) per academic year. Our process would be quite intensive, so please email for detailed information on how I read and provide feedback.

Fee: $5,000 (80K words max.)

Course of Study: The Art of the Short Story 

I can only accept two student-writers per academic year. This course would be ideal for burgeoning writers who might need a stern but optimistic teacher who gives clear objectives, series of deadlines, personalized assignments, and several virtual or in-person conferences. This would also be appropriate for writers trying to build a short story collection. Email for detailed information. 

The fee for the full course of study, which includes four submissions of up to 6,000 words each and five conferences: $5,000

Novel Writing Coach 

This course would be ideal for writers who could use a stern but optimistic coach who pushes them toward starting a novel or finishing one. We would discuss your needs, your limitations, and create a highly-tailored program.

Fee: $200/hour